About Chamber of Commerce


The basis of our activity is the establishment of long-term, stable and mutually beneficial relationship.
CCI Ukraine – Liberland sees potential in the development of organizations, enterprises of any form of ownership, individual entrepreneurs.
We strive for long-term partnership.
CCI Ukraine-Liberland excludes discrimination of clients on political, religious, national, age and gender grounds.
We are committed to providing high quality customer service in accordance with international standards.

Our tasks:

  • promoting the interests of the business community
  • development of export of Ukrainian goods and services, public positive image of domestic producers
  • development of relationship with business of Liberland outside the country, as well as business organization
  • attracting investment, introducing innovative solutions and advanced domestic technologies
  • Creation of an effective system of expert evaluation of draft legislative and regulatory acts in the interests of entrepreneurs
  • the promotion of the principles of civilized business and social responsibility in the business environment of Ukraine and the Free Republic of Liberland

We are an organization that successfully combines tradition and innovation.

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