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Development of Farmasi Business

The history of Farmasi is a path to success, which has been achieved through a professional approach, hard work, integrity and high moral principles. This story began with a man named Cevdet Tuna more than half a century ago and it still continues.

In 1998, the pharmaceutical and the personal care products companies of Dr. Tuna formed a new company Tanalize Kozmetik A.S. Later, in 2004, the Farmasi brand itself was created, and in five years, the famous skin care product under the Dr. Tuna brand was launched.

Currently, the largest Turkish and European enterprises product cosmetics and personal care products under the well-known Farmasi brand.

Farmasi’s secret of success

 Farmasi is winning its loyal fans both at homeland and beyond its boundaries primarily due to its high quality products, low prices and environmental mission. Every product from lipstick and mascara to face masks and shower gel is made using water from natural sources. They are paraben-, phosphates-, phthalates- and formaldehyde-free. Farmasi is not only fighting for the animal rights and ethical treatment, but also ensures that none of their products have been tested on animals. This proactive position sets them apart from their competitors.


Over the past few years, the management of Farmasi, realizing the huge prospects of the cryptocurrency market, has been creating options to order products using cryptocurrency for the customers. Given the realities of global changes connected the Covid19 pandemic, this decision has become one of the key ones for the company in recent years.

Using the latest digital technologies in close cooperation with the Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Farmasi opens up a whole area of ​​new economic interaction for the clients.


You can purchase the products with crypto via Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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