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Development of Tupperware Business

The history of the Tupperware brand began with an avid inventor and chemist, Earl Tupper, who developed a unique method for the purification of polymers in the early 1940s. Experimenting with a purified by-product of the refining process, the American invented a strong, flexible, odorless, non-toxic and lightweight plastic later used for creating sealed containers.

Tupper’s aim was to develop a food container that would keep food fresh in the new era of popular electric and gas refrigerators in post-war America. Such a wonderful container with a sealed lid did not allow liquids to spill and increased the shelf life of products by 2-3 times.

Earl Tupper had patented his product in 1949, shortly after the containers hit department and hardware stores. Unfortunately, consumers had not yet understood the advantages of this invention, and the product languished on the shelves without much demand. Today, in more than 100 countries, Tupperware products are renowned for their design solutions for storing, serving and cooking. What changed people’s opinion?

Tupperware’s secret of success
Tupperware met its dawn when the young and energetic Brownie Wise, the marketing genius of the time, joined it.

Once the company received a phone call from Brownie clarifying what exactly Tupperware lacks for the full development and success of the brand in the market – a visual demonstration of the product and its advantages, to be more precised. Home presentation proved to be such a successful form of marketing advertising that later it was decided to distribute products only through independent consultants.

With nearly 1.9 million independent sales, the company delivers innovative premium products worldwide.

Tupperware and Ukraine-Liberland
With the development of digital technologies and, in particular, a new crypto payment method, Tupperware is laying a new direction for economic interaction in close cooperation with the Liberland-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Having fully assessed the benefits of providing the products to customers using cryptocurrency, the company has become one of the first in the market to keep up with the time.

The modern economy is undergoing tremendous changes, and crypto payments are becoming more and more preferable for the end consumer every day. The Liberland community principles have been implementing the efficiency and convenience, accessibility and ease of use of cryptocurrency for a long time. Therefore, since 2020, cooperation within the Liberland-Tupperware format has become one of the most important development stages for the company with an eye to the future. However, the future has already arrived in Liberland.


You can purchase the products with crypto via Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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