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Duyunov asynchronous motors

What makes Duyunov's technology unique?

The motor-wheel based on Duyunov’s technology is the world’s first asynchronous electric motor with a winding of the Slavyanka type, which has a unique ratio of power to energy consumption.

The new technology is based on our innovative technology of combined motor windings (star and delta connected in parallel). Thanks to the combined windings, the parameters of the wheel motor are significantly improved and energy efficiency is increased.

Design and manufacture of the world’s most efficient induction motors.

Become a member of a unique investment project.

About company

LLC SovElMash is a company created in 2017 for the commercialization of the innovative project of the Skolkovo participant “Asynchronous motor with combined windings”.

The team of the enterprise – the initiator of the project, LLC “AS and PP”, have developed and tested hundreds of schemes of combined windings for various combinations of pole pairs, numbers of slots and capacities, both at stands and in real operating conditions.

How the company will earn:

  • Sale of licenses for the right to manufacture Duyunov induction motors
  • Multiplication and expanded production of products
  • Sales of finished products
  • Sales of technological equipment and tooling for the production of a product


Videos of Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce channel:

If you join the company as an individual entrepreneur using the link – you will receive remuneration from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine-Liberland in the amount of 10 to 50 Merits

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