Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry

How Amway-Liberland company was born

The leading direct selling company Amway, holds the leadership in the world market and has offices in almost every developed country on any continent (more than 100 countries). The founders have patented and offer premium health and beauty products, and especially high-performance household products that hold their priority and sustainability over other brands. Since 1973, Amway has opened its regional offices in European countries, including Ukraine.
In turn, the Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry was created on the basis of interaction and building a structure of strong trade and commercial ties between Ukraine and the Free Republic of Liberland. The main task is to promote the development and competitiveness of Ukrainian business in international markets and cooperation with the Free Republic of Liberland. The chamber provides an opportunity for fans from Ukraine and the whole world to become a member of the “Liberland Club”. The Sushi Master network, the Duyunov’s MOTORS company, the SkyWay project, the Mundo offshore portal and others have already become international partners.
In 2020, with the help of the Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, especially for Liberland fans, a branch of Amway-Liberland was opened in Ukraine. Now, thanks to Amway-Liberland, you can order for yourself and your friends any products of the Amway range using cryptocurrency, without any commissions through the Chamber of Commerce. Payment in Ukrainian hryvnia or your local currency also remains available.
The participant will also receive a personal discount card and will be able to use special advantages, along with a flexible system of discounts and savings.

Join the Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry and start using the special advantages of the Liberland Club member!


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Payment is possible in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether.

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