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How Faberlic-Liberland company was founded

Дата основания известной The well-known company Faberlic was founded in the early 90s. XX century It was then that two young men Alexei Nechaev and Alexander Davankov, relying on the principles of network marketing, began to conquer the Russian market.
The first products they offered to their customers were dietary supplements and home chemicals.
At the end of 1998, the company acquired the whey patent. It was based on the increased oxygen content of a pasty substance. It was this serum that became the basis for the creation of the future line of creams. During this period the name of the company was “Russian Line”. The cost of its products is available to all segments of society, so the number of regular customers is increasing.
In 2001 the company name was changed to Faberlic. Its logo becomes recognizable in the CIS countries. The distributor network is actively developing, and the product catalog is replenished with a line of decorative cosmetics and toilet waters.
In 2010 the company started and to this day is actively promoting the project “Green movement of Russia ECO”. Its goal is to protect forests, develop environmentally friendly products, cosmetics, chemicals for the home. During the same period, Faberlic launched its own line of fragrances, each of which is unique.
Since 2013, Faberlic customers have the opportunity to order clothes from catalogs. Each series has its own designers. The quality of the material used is carefully checked and tested.
Today the company logo is recognizable in many countries of the world, including Ukraine.
In 2020, Faberlic made a huge step into the future – it made it possible for its customers to pay in cryptocurrency for ordered products. Using modern opportunities and cooperation with the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Liberland, she opened a new direction – Faberlic-Liberland.
The active introduction of virtual currency into the life of a modern person, convenient conditions for cooperation, the elimination of fraud, the availability and ease of ordering, guaranteed legal protection – these are the principles that contribute to the active development of the Liberland internal market.


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