Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry

How Greenway-Liberland was born

Greenway has been operating in the Russian market since February 2017. Its management considers the expansion of the range of high-quality, environmentally friendly and affordable products on the market as its main tasks.
The basis for the development and production of Greenway products was the cosmetic company “New Way”. Its industrial and scientific developments made it possible, during the very first presentation, to amaze visitors with a huge assortment of not only cosmetics and household chemicals, but also sports products, as well as clothing.
The main principle of work is network marketing. Already in April 2017, Greenway held a major seminar for its distributors in Thailand, during which it proposed new customer motivation systems and cognitive training seminars.
The main direction and message of Greenway is that the Earth will become cleaner and better if all its inhabitants use only environmentally friendly and healthy products. As part of this activity, the company launched the Autobonus program for its employees. At the end of the year, the most active distributors are selected and receive a premium car as a gift.
At the end of 2017, the Greenway brand opened its offices in Kazakhstan, and a year later its logo began to be recognized in other CIS countries, including Ukraine.
2020 is a new step in the history of the company’s development. Thanks to the beginning of cooperation with the Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Greenway opened its representative office in Liberland. Now, any product from the company’s catalog can be purchased for cryptocurrency, BTC-bitcoin and altcoins: Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether USD, DASH. The product is also sold to Liberland fans in Ukraine and to English-speaking Liberlands around the world.


Do you like Liberland? Get goods with Liberland logos Register here:  Greenway

You can pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether

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