Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Liberland Business Air Airline from Liberland. Business aviation consulting.

We work 24/7 and serve clients all over the world.

We manage takeoff and landing slots at all airfields in the world, so we organize your flights from start to finish.

The team consists of certified professionals with many years of experience in the business aviation sector.

Today, conditions dictate the trend that regular flights operate irregularly, so everyone is trying to use the services of private aviation, in which Liberland Business Air helps.

We will provide you with an airplane at the airport closest to your location.

Naturally, if you want to visit Liberland itself, we will also organize this, moreover, with the entire logistics chain – an air-car-boat.

Write to

Youtube channel Liberland Business Air

We find any solutions for our partners.

Since our company is located in Liberland, we can accept payments in cryptocurrency.

For all questions – write through the Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce

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