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Liberland Medical

Liberland Telemedicine Project

The goal of the project is to import information from the English-speaking segment to 15 Russian-speaking countries on telemedicine, telehealth, medical innovation.

Also, the project can be expanded to describe top clicks around the world, and consultations of specialist doctors, regardless of the location of the patient and the doctor.

To date, the project covers the informational part on topics – what is telemedicine and telehealth and how to apply them in practice.


Main office:

Libertrans24 Ltd.
Registration number 200011
Liberty Square 1-3. Liberpolis, Liberland

Official representatives:

Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Aleksandrovsky prospect 4, of. 15, Odessa, Ukraine

Liberland-Russia Chamber of Commerce
office 312, Lenin Avenue, Chelyabinsk, The Russian Federation
Tel.: +79507486917

Youtube channel Liberland Medical  ⇒

We find any solutions for our partners.

Since our company is located in Liberland, we can accept payments in cryptocurrency.

For all questions – write through the Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce

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