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We are a company registered in the Free Republic of Liberland and offering a wide range of services to those clients who work in international business and are thinking about the possibility of not being tied to one country.

Therefore, together with our partners, we have developed many proposals for our clients:

  1. Remote opening of foreign bank accounts

Foreign bank account for companies and individuals: the basis for diversification, asset protection and access to international markets.

In the modern world, it has become more difficult for a client: it is not he who chooses the bank, but the banks determine whether the client is suitable for them. Therefore, it is fundamentally important to immediately contact those banks that are ready to cooperate with you.

For remote opening of an account in a foreign bank, this is doubly important: working with a suitable bank, you save time, money and quickly move on to the tasks assigned to you.

We have collected for you relevant solutions that allow you to open a foreign bank account remotely around the world.

  1. Anonymous and debit payment cards: plastic and virtual

Did you know that by paying with a card in a store, the store can learn a lot of personal information about you? For example, your name. Associate this with the number of payments and their amount. As a result, you become “transparent”, which not everyone likes.

One way to protect your data is to use anonymous debit cards. These are plastic or virtual debit cards (or prepaid cards) that do not include your name. These can be corporate cards or cards without specifying the owner in principle.

Debit cards are issued by banks and payment systems. In many cases, they allow you to not only pay in stores, but also withdraw cash from ATMs, increasing your privacy even more.

  1. Foreign and offshore companies: registration online and in person

Foreign companies, offshore companies are a tool for international business and protection of personal assets. Why register foreign companies or companies offshore?

Reducing the tax burden;

Entering new markets;

Protection of assets from competitors, fraudsters, relatives;

Increased profits;



It is possible to register offshore and foreign companies with a personal visit or remotely. Registration period – from 2 working days to a couple of months (depending on the country).

  1. Shelf companies: purchase of shelf companies, companies with a VAT number

Ready-made companies are an opportunity to quickly start a business anywhere in the world. Most often, when talking about ready-made companies or ready-made offshore, we are talking about “shelf” companies. They are registered specifically for sale and do not conduct business.

The term for the purchase of a ready-made company is from 1 working day and depends on the country. A ready-made company can be without and with a VAT number.

  1. Advantageous packages: offshore / foreign company + bank account

It is very difficult to open a bank account for a foreign and especially an offshore company. If the jurisdiction is chosen incorrectly, the bank will immediately refuse to cooperate. We have selected package solutions “offshore company + bank account” that work.

I register a company and at the same time opening a bank account with our help, you save a significant amount of time and reduce the risks of problems in registers or bank denials several times.

  1. Second citizenship and passport: naturalization, citizenship by investment

You have the right to choose where to live, when to leave, how to use your resources. And the most valuable resource is your freedom. We can get freedom in the modern world thanks to a second passport (second citizenship). There can be more than 1 such second passports.

Citizenship can be obtained through naturalization, but it takes a long time. The fastest and most predictable way: obtaining citizenship by investment. For a period of 3 months to 3 years, you can become a citizen of several countries, get freedom of residence and movement in dozens of countries around the world.

  1. Consulting: registration of companies, taxes, obtaining licenses and others

Each country has its own rules. To safely conduct business, buy real estate or open a foreign account, it is wise to find out all the details in advance. Within the framework of paid and free consultations, you will learn all the necessary information about company registration, obtaining financing, tax planning, opening personal and corporate accounts, obtaining resident status abroad.

  1. Virtual offices and SUBSTANCE for international business

The trend of our time: the creation of a real presence in the country of registration. Without substance, problems arise with opening bank accounts, with obtaining tax benefits (for example, using agreements to avoid double taxation).

Substance will require virtual and real offices, websites, and a team of employees. Requirements vary by country, as well as opportunities to optimize infrastructure costs.

  1. Nominee service: nominee directors, nominee shareholders

Nominee service allows you to protect your personal data. In publicly available documents, another person or company becomes the owner and / or director of the company. At the same time, you do not lose control over the business thanks to the prescribed rules and instructions.

  1. Offshore funds: registration and maintenance of offshore funds

Investment funds, discretionary funds, charitable foundations, multi-form funds – there are various types of funds available to protect assets and increase property. Funds are used for investments, pension savings, property management. Depending on the purpose of the fund, we select the appropriate country for its registration.

  1. Offshore Trusts: Registration and Maintenance of Offshore Trusts

A trust is a form of contractual relationship, a form without the organization of a legal entity. Trusts are irrevocable, discretionary, targeted, international. Its tasks are: preservation and accumulation of assets; transfer of property by inheritance; asset protection; achievement of short-term and long-term goals.

It is possible to register a trust remotely. The terms of the trust depend on the country of registration and the wishes of the founder.

  1. Professional and business immigration, residence permit and permanent residence for wealthy individuals

Moving abroad can be associated with various reasons: business, education of children, treatment of loved ones, a desire to increase the level of comfort and safety. In any case, for permanent residence, you must obtain an official resident status: residence permit or permanent residence.

Wealthy individuals can choose from several options: get a high-paying job; start your own business and get a business visa; invest in real estate through a golden visa. If you wish, you can move on your own or with your family.

  1. Exclusive foreign bank accounts (with personal visit)

Many reputable banks are ready to open personal and corporate accounts only with a personal visit of the applicant. However, these meetings need not only be planned: they must be properly prepared. Each bank has its own rules and requirements.

It will be extremely frustrating to travel to another country to receive a denial of service. With the help of professionals, you will prepare documents and yourself in accordance with the requirements of a particular bank and open a bank account with a personal visit.

  1. Offshore premium services for demanding clients

Abroad, you can get additional premium services that are not available at home, but worthy of your standard of living. We can talk about obtaining a preferential mortgage for the purchase of premium real estate; health insurance against all kinds of risks with global coverage; receiving individual services and advice.

  1. Licenses for business offshore and abroad: all types of licenses

Some activities require a license. Most often, we are talking about activities that affect the interests and safety of more people. We help to get:

Banking license;

Insurance license;

License to issue electronic money and cryptocurrencies;

FOREX license;

Gambling (gambling) license and others.

  1. Registration of trade marks, obtaining patents, protection of intellectual rights

The most valuable asset of recent decades is intellectual property: trade marks, software code, design and scientific developments. Timely registration of a brand or patent in a reliable jurisdiction allows you not only to protect yourself from competitors, but also to increase profits.

We offer full support for the registration of trademarks, patents and other intellectual property in different countries of the world.

  1. Accountancy abroad: financial reporting for offshore and onshore

Any company is obliged to keep records, even offshore. Accounting is a key document in three processes: control over the state of the company; proof of the legality of the origin of funds; proof of the company’s reliability in front of the bank.

Each country has its own nuances and peculiarities, so we offer you professional assistance in offshore and foreign accounting.

  1. Obtaining a residence permit abroad for students: countries, conditions, benefits

Moving abroad and obtaining a residence permit as a student is a classic way of immigration. In many countries, years of study count towards total seniority. In addition, after graduation, it is easier to find a local job or start your own business in order to stay in the country for a long time or forever.

  1. Foreign and offshore holding companies, holding structures

Holding or holding structure – a structure of commercial companies, where there is a parent company and subsidiaries. The parent company owns blocks of shares in subsidiaries, controls them, and receives part of the profit. Often the parent company (holding) is registered in low-tax jurisdictions to reduce the tax burden.

Holding registration allows you to structure cash flows, reduce bureaucratic pressure, and more effectively manage various types of assets and companies.

  1. Collection. Debt collection abroad and offshore jurisdictions

If a partner, client or contractor is in debt, the debt must be returned. Debt recovery from a foreign company is complicated by the distance and differences in legislation. For a successful solution to the problem, it is recommended to involve collection specialists who work on site. We are ready to help you with this.

  1. Remote opening of brokerage accounts for companies and individuals

Everyone can invest: both individuals and companies. This requires opening a brokerage account with a suitable broker abroad. We offer you remote opening of brokerage accounts in different parts of the world and suitable for different capital.

With the right broker, you save on commissions, increase your return on investment and trade safely in the market.

  1. Redomicillation, change of agent or transfer of a company to another jurisdiction

Redomiciliation is the transfer of companies from one country to another without closing a legal entity. You keep history, accounts, contacts, but obey the rules of another country. It is profitable to transfer a company if reputation has deteriorated in the old jurisdiction, requirements have become tougher, and taxes have increased.

A change of registration agent is required if the previous one closes / goes bankrupt, and also ceases to suit you in terms of service level. Working with a new team, you can count on high quality and safety of work.

  1. Merchant accounts in foreign banks for accepting payments around the world

Successful online commerce requires a merchant account (merchant account). It is the merchant account that allows you to accept funds from customers who pay by cards (and sometimes in other ways), and then withdraw them to a corporate account.

A reliable merchant account with low commissions allows you to quickly serve customers and keep costs under control.

  1. Licenses for insurance and reinsurance in offshore and abroad

Have you decided to start or expand your insurance or reinsurance business? Don’t forget to get a license for this activity!

There are several international offshore centers dealing with insurance and reinsurance, as well as offering licenses of different classes. Choose the right one for you.

  1. Professional support for buying real estate abroad

Buying foreign real estate is a classic way to preserve capital. Usually in this case luxury and elite real estate is bought. Today, you can become the owner of an object abroad remotely.

However, when making a remote purchase, or when making a personal choice, you need to comply with local and international rules, make sure that the transaction is safe and correctly draw up the documents. Without professional support, there is always a risk of trouble. An expert will check all elements of the transaction and make it safe.

  1. Verification of foreign companies: obtaining legal opinions

Business is built on trust, but foreign companies are still worth checking before entering into contracts, transacting or buying entirely. Fraudsters are everywhere, and the easiest way to verify the reliability of a company is to order a check of a foreign company. For example, get a legal opinion.

  1. Accounts for the purchase and storage of precious and rare earth metals

Gold has protected people’s savings for thousands of years. This metal retains value and allows you to continue to live and develop in any economic system. Storing physical gold and other metals (precious and rare earths) is not easy. However, there are special metal accounts for this.

Open a metal account to store gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other metals.

  1. Tax-free registration of cars and reduction of maintenance costs

By registering abroad, you can save on taxes for your car. This even works for conventional machines. Luxury cars and expensive sports cars benefit even more from offshore registration. With the right choice of jurisdiction and form of ownership, tax savings can be thousands

  1. Certificates of tax residency for companies and individuals

Tax residency status, confirmed by a tax residency certificate, allows you to pay taxes in the country of your choice. Sometimes this helps to save a lot, because there are countries where the tax on income of individuals and legal entities is zero or lower than in the country of your current residence.

Also, the certificate is useful if you are constantly moving between different countries of the world.

  1. Registration of ships and yachts offshore: reducing the tax burden

A yacht and a seagoing vessel are convenient transportation and, in some cases, a source of income. It is quite expensive to maintain, so any opportunity to legally reduce costs by the owners is welcome.

Registration of a yacht offshore allows you to lower the tax rate and annual duties. Also, some jurisdictions expand travel opportunities, for example, they give the right to visit the sea waters of some countries without additional permits.

  1. Study abroad for you and your children: the best universities and recruitment conditions

Education abroad is an opportunity to expand horizons, to receive a diploma from a respected university or school. It is also an opportunity to take the first step towards obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship abroad.

We will help you find a suitable university abroad, and then enter it, both for young people and older students.

  1. Registration of companies as a VAT payer: VAT number for business

Obtaining a VAT number is an opportunity to reduce the tax burden on international trade in many countries. For example, VAT payers in the EU can sell goods and services to colleagues in the economic block without additional VAT of national states.

  1. Opening Accounts in Payment Systems for companies and individuals

An account in a payment system is an analogue of a bank account. It offers almost the same services as a bank: open an account, transfer money, convert currency, pay bills.

On average, opening an account is faster – from 1 business day. Transfers between accounts are fast, commissions are reduced. The account is opened remotely, without a personal visit.

There are also payment systems that are ready to cooperate not only with low-risk businesses, but also with high-risk businesses, including offshore companies.

  1. Preparation of documents: statements, invoices, contracts and others

The activities of the company are necessarily documented: financial statements, invoicing and invoicing, execution of contracts. Each country has its own peculiarities of office work and they must be taken into account.

We help with the preparation of documents required for running a business.

  1. Visas for travel to Europe, the USA, Asia and other regions and countries

Have you decided to buy a house in France? Or open a company in Germany? Before taking any serious steps, it is wise to visit the place of future investments. Visiting abroad in most cases requires a visa. We help to arrange visas for travel to Europe, USA, Asia and other regions and countries.

  1. LEIs for Business: Modern Company Identification

You can register a company in any country. In this case, the same company names are easily obtained, which confuses and gives room for fraudsters. A unified identification system is required around the world. The LEI is an international identification tool that provides basic information about a company.

The requirement for partners to provide an LEI is put forward by large holdings and banks, which makes obtaining an LEI an important step for business.

  1. VIP tours and concierge services: Only an individual approach in the organization

Avoiding noisy tourists and crowded buses? Are you looking for an opportunity to have a quality rest, or vice versa – to find new opportunities for investments and projects? Request customized tours and concierge services.

VIP tour is not only a yacht and a white beach. It is also a professional trip on the hunt for investment real estate or the study of a special economic zone for starting a business.

Take advantage of the VIP offers from the list below or request solutions for yourself.

  1. Selection of real estate abroad: search, verification, unique objects

The world is huge, as is the choice of real estate in it. It is difficult to find an object that will really become profitable and reliable even in times of crisis. Not all of them can really be examined on their own.

In this case, it is useful to involve specialists who understand the real estate of a particular region for help and can study the situation on the spot, pick up a pearl for your collection.

Contact us and we will help you find, check and select unique properties around the world.

  1. Services for maintenance and management of real estate abroad

Foreign real estate, like any asset, requires care and attention. With 1 or more real estate objects in your portfolio abroad, it is difficult to keep track of everything yourself. Professionals come to the rescue who serve and manage the property in your favor.

We can talk about both simple care and full-fledged management, for example, when renting, taking into account legislation and taxation. With maintenance and management services, you take your headache away and can focus on building your portfolio.

We find any solutions for our partners.

Since our company is located in Liberland, we can accept payment in co-currency.

For all questions – write through the Chambers of Commerce and Industry Ukraine-Liberland and Liberland-Russia


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