Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Liberland Railways

Project of the Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The company aims to promote information on railway modeling to a Russian-speaking audience from 15 countries. We researched this industry and realized that categorically little information about world manufacturers of models of railways of all mashstabs is translated into Russian, and there is no news from this industry, or there are critically few of them.

We decided to fill this gap and release our own videos on Liberland Railways.

Information is provided on the world’s largest manufacturers of model railways in Europe, Canada, USA and Japan, such as: Hornby, Trix, Walthers, Marklin, Roco, Piko, ACME, Brawa, etc.

Also, the project decided to take on the mission of dismantling the scale of the railways, and to accumulate videos in the format of an encyclopedic media library in this industry.

And that’s not all. In addition to the rolling stock in the project, you can find information in Russian about the types of tracks, the scale of rail tracks, electrification, building models of settlements, motorization, electronic and digital systems for controlling the movement of model trains, and much more.

Liberland Railways services list:

– Rolling stock of famous and not-famous trade marks delivery. Starting sets delivery.
– Model trains repairs
– Railway layouts construction
– Branded trains with your logos and photos delivery
– Railways starting sets with your logos
– Media, content, magazines translation
– Mini and narrow gauge Railways delivery

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Main office:

Libertrans24 Ltd.
Registration number 200011
Liberty Square 1-3. Liberpolis, Liberland

Official representatives:

Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Aleksandrovsky prospect 4, of. 15, Odessa, Ukraine

Liberland-Russia Chamber of Commerce
office 312, Lenin Avenue, Chelyabinsk, The Russian Federation
Tel.: +79507486917

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