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New company among Liberland partners Jerelia - Liberland

J’erelia is the first Ukrainian chain cosmetics company, created to meet the needs of the whole family with high-quality Ukrainian-made goods.

J’erelia was created to improve the well-being of Ukrainians and make them rich and happy.

By offering products through network marketing, we give an opportunity for self-realization and financial independence to thousands of women and men, we create a new formation of modern Ukrainian businessmen.

Having united under the J’erelia brand the best ideas of Ukrainian scientists and specialists in the field of cosmetics, health products and other consumer goods, we provide Ukrainians with high-quality products and support the domestic economy!

All products of the national Jerelia trademark are produced exclusively by Ukrainian manufacturers at the facilities of Ukrainian factories.

Jerelia products are made from environmentally friendly and natural raw materials. The products are certified, have sanitary and hygienic conclusions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and are not tested on animals.

The company provides a wide and varied range of products for the whole family. Cosmetic products for skin, body, hair care. Healthy food, natural laundry and home cleaning products.

Jerelia – Liberland

Thanks to the Jerelia – Liberland collaboration, it is now possible to order the company’s products for cryptocurrency..


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