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Online broadcasts about the SOLARGROUP project: what will be interesting in February

Online broadcasts about the SOLARGROUP project: what will be interesting in February

News from Sovelmash and SOLARGROUP, information about new developments with Slavyanka and the activities of project partners – these and other relevant topics will be available to viewers of our online broadcasts in February.

A record number of SOLARGROUP webinars are scheduled for this month. More than 60 broadcasts in 11 languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, German, Hungarian, Croatian, French, Hindi, Vietnamese.

Online broadcasting will be carried out almost daily in various parts of the world. During the month, several webinars will be held in each language, different in topics and speakers, including:

– presentation of the project “Duyunov Engines”;

– presentations of the SOLARGROUP affiliate program;

– webinars with special guests.

Project and partner program presentations are carried out by national representatives of SOLARGROUP or leading partners. Invited experts from different countries regularly take part in the broadcasts: top managers of SOLARGROUP and the project, technical specialists and key partners.

Let’s mark the most interesting guests of the February webinars.

Victor Arestov is a partner of the Duyunov Engines project, the head of the ASPP Weihai company, which manufactures engines modernized using the Slavyanka technology, and transport with them. He will tell the audience from Latin America and Vietnam about new developments, current and future projects of his enterprise.

Andrey Lobov is a project partner, co-organizer of the STIIN company, which modernizes transport using Duyunov engines. He will tell about the news of his company to French-speaking project participants and residents of South Africa.

Pavel Filippov is the head of advertising and public relations department of SOLARGROUP. Will inform the audience from Bulgaria and Germany about the latest news of the project and the company.

Pavel Shadsky is the head of the SOLARGROUP partner network. He will tell the residents of Latin America and Croatia about the possibilities of an affiliate program and how to make money in the project right now.

Vitaly Averyanov – IT Director of SOLARGROUP. He will inform the project participants from Hungary about the modernization of the personal account, changes that will make it more convenient for users.

Sergey Shevchenko is the head of the SOLARGROUP technical support service. From him, viewers from India will learn about the most common mistakes when working with their personal account and will receive answers to their questions.

Other guests of the broadcasts, opinion leaders in the field of investment and the environment are also planned.

Every Tuesday at 19:00 Moscow time, webinars-presentations of the project are held in Russian. Speaker Pavel Filippov acquaints viewers with the most important information about the project and its news, answers questions live. We recommend that beginners take part in this webinar first.

On Wednesdays at 19:00, webinars for Russian-speaking partners of SOLARGROUP are held with speakers Pavel Filippov or Denis Bogdanov, who share project and company news, talk about the SOLARGROUP partner program. Invited experts often take part in broadcasts. Selected webinars

are held in the workshop format and are aimed at helping participants master the most effective tools for business development.

Every Thursday at 14:00 Moscow time, the program “Expert Time” with Alexander Sudarev is broadcast live from the Sovelmash studio in Russian. Dmitry Duyunov or other Sovelmash specialists periodically take part in it. Viewers of the program will be the first to know about the news of the construction of the innovation center and other key events of the company.

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