Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The goal of domestic projects is to strengthen cooperation between business and entrepreneurs in Ukraine for the general recognition of the Liberland brand

Supermarket "Liberland Store" Ukraine, Odessa

The first foods store in Odessa and Ukraine that accepts cryptocurrency for payment.

The world’s first liberland supermarket, stylized as Liberland.

Discount Club in the Telegram Liberland-Club Ukraine

Discounted Goods Club thanks to a special card

Azov Capital Investment Media Group Ukraine

YouTube channels and a number of radio stations

Lake - farming, fishing and recreation at Stavok Staryar Ukraine, Lviv

Fisheries in the Lviv region of Ukraine, loyal to Liberland-Club cardholders

Odessa provider of investments and finance

Any questions in financing and lending, consulting, investors and startups

Company "Norwegian House" Odessa

Construction of premanufactured Norwegian mobile houses

Blockchain Channel BlockchainTalk TV Kiev, Ukraine

Blockchain-friendly Liberland Information Channel

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