Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Several translation agencies work with our Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We work with 40+ languages ​​of Europe and Asia.

However we don’t just do translations. We do everything on a turnkey basis.

Do you need a brochure or manual in another language?

We will create and translate it.

If you need several languages ​​– no problem. Multilanguage projects are always cheaper!

Do you need negotiations? We have a translator for you!

Do you have videos or audio podcasts – we will voice them in other languages.

Do you need notarized documents? Any country, any language available

Your videos can be watched in dubbed by residents of target countries. Any marketing campaign is accompanied by audiovisual materials – we will take you to other markets.

When it comes to podcasting, we can host your audio content in 40 languages.

We work with entire projects – that is, you describe your problem, and we solve everything comprehensively, from A to Z.

Any negotiations are available, 24/7/365. If you need a dialogue with partners, we will adjust and our translators will join your negotiations.

If your business is built on receiving calls and clients from different countries, we will organize a call center with shift duty to manage clients in several languages

Creation of multilingual sites and applications for warm communication in the languages ​​of your customers.

We create and use social networks, organize their maintenance in different languages ​​too.

Our Investment Fund Liberland Investment International cooperates with many investors and seeks investment in profitable projects. Investment corridor – from 1 to 60 million euros. If you have sufficient experience in running and managing a business, you want to scale your business and are able to show your P&L – we are ready to negotiate.

We understand that it is difficult for busy business people to find time to prepare materials for investors. We are ready to do the related work.

Whether you’re looking to build a commercial railroad on your site – a theme park, a restaurant, a hotel, or you’re interested in showing off your wealth – our Liberland Railways company can design and build railroads at your location. We do turnkey projects – we send equipment to any country, help with customs procedures, we are engaged in the construction, adjustment of rolling stock and the full launch of your railway. We provide consulting on its operation

If you are organizing an exhibition, if you have a retail outlet – a restaurant, a shop, a cafe, a laundry, a beauty salon – your “chip” will be an advertising train and the name of your brand or brands in the most prominent place. It is possible to form your slogan on several wagons.

Liberland Railways offers you a turnkey installation of such a railway to attract the attention of your customers.

If you want to visit Liberland – we can arrange it on dates when there are trips from Serbia there or arrange it individually

The government of the Free Republic of Liberland consists mostly of politicians and businessmen.

We can host a B2G negotiation session if you have something to discuss.

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