Export to Liberland and Free economic zone Apatin and Sombor (Serbia)          

Export to EU     

Creation of export strategy       

Market Analysis             

Product Requirements 

Access modes  

Checking the reliability of partners        

Search for business partners in Ukraine and abroad

Proof of force majeure circumstances

Lawyer consulting

Notarization of documents related to the implementation of foreign economic activity

Search for potential international partner companies  

Organization of meetings of international companies with Ukrainian companies for the implementation of joint projects with Ukrainian and Liberland enterprises, state and regional authorities of Ukraine, Liberland and Serbia.

Search for international investors, funds for sale by enterprises    

Providing legal advice

Analysis of markets for goods and services in a certain field.                 

Analysis of legislation in the relevant market segment.                 

Full support of an international company in Ukraine,

Preparation of turn-key project offers

Organization of thematic conferences, business forums

Helping international companies in analyzing the market of Ukraine, Liberland and the free economic zones of Serbia in specific sectors.

Maintaining a register of open and relevant programs, projects, tenders for supporting business and entrepreneurship from international organizations in Ukraine, Liberland and the free economic zones Apatin and Sombor of Serbia


Assisting in the search for potential partners (including international ones) for Ukrainian and Liberland companies/organizations in creating consortia for their joint participation in projects and programs.

 Analysis of project offers from Ukrainian enterprises/companies for their participation in programs and projects of business support from international organizations.

 Comprehensive support for the preparation, submission and further implementation of project offers from Ukrainian and Liberland companies.

 Assisting international organizations and companies in the joint implementation of projects and programs in Ukraine and abroad (as a subcontractor).

 Organization of thematic events: seminars, trainings, conferences and forums.

 Providing advisory support for the participation of Ukrainian and Liberland companies and organizations in business support programs and projects.

  1. Assessment of objects in material form (according to classification):

1.1. Assessment of real estate, including expert monetary valuation of land.

1.2. Assessment of machinery and equipment.

1.3. Assessment of road vehicles. 1.4. Evaluation of aircraft.

1.5. Assessment of shipping facilities.

1.6. Evaluation of movable things, except those related to machinery, equipment, road vehicles, aircraft, shipping vehicles and those of cultural value.

  1. Valuation of integral property complexes, shares, property rights and intangible assets, including valuation of rights to intellectual property:

2,1. Valuation of integral property complexes, shares, property rights and intangible assets (except for the valuation of intellectual property rights).
2,2. Valuation of intellectual property rights.

Written translations: (to/from)

Notarization of translations

Correspondence in foreign languages

Language proficiency definition


Quality assurance

Typesetting in foreign languages

Translation of audio and video materials

Translation of all types of scientific and technical literature, patents, technical, export-import, legal and other documentation:

  • from 40 foreign languages ​​to Ukrainian, Russian, English;
  • from Ukrainian and Russian languages into 40 foreign languages.

Quality assurance of written translations with a seal of the company, apostilled translator or seal of the CCI Ukraine-Liberland.

Notarization of translations.

Interpretation (including simultaneous translation)

Comprehensive Scientific Expertise

Comprehensive scientific examination of trade and port customs adopted in Ukraine, legal expertise

Scientific and research examination

Judicial practice using the results of independent professional examinations conducted in the CCI of Ukraine


Announcement of the event on the website and channels of the CCI Ukraine-Liberland

Announcement of the event in newsletters throughout Ukraine

Organization of press events at the press center of CCI Ukraine-Liberland. Photo and video shooting, online broadcasting of the event

Designer services for the development of presentation materials

Placement of advertising and presentation products (roll-ups, banners, brochures, etc.) during business events at the Ukraine-Liberland CCI

Production of promotional and presentation products




Issue of electronic signature

Management consulting

Accounting and tax consulting

HR consulting



 Assistance in registering citizenship of the Free Republic of Liberland

Assistance in obtaining e-residency

Assistance in registering an enterprise in the Liberland Republic Register of Companies

Assistance in registering an enterprise in the Free Economic Zones of Apatine and Sombor in the Republic of Serbia

Assistance in the purchase of boats, land, shares in investment projects, land options in the Free Republic of Liberland

Assistance in registering bank accounts in the Republic of Serbia

Assistance in registering cryptocurrency accounts around the world, including in recognized jurisdictions

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Создание и ведение документации
Проектирование UI/UX
BackEnd и FrontEnd Программирование
Интеграция других систем и API
Написание модулей
Создание и доработка тем для CMS
Технический аудит сайта
SMM (Продвижение в социальных сетях)
SEO (Продвижение в социальных сетях)
SMO (Оптимизация сайта под трафик из социальных сетей)
Контекстная реклама
Таргетинговая реклама
Медийная реклама
Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)
Скрытый маркетинг
Вирусный маркетинг
Прямой маркетинг
Доменные имена
Тех. поддержка сайтов
Аналитика интерфейсов, юзабилити, воронки продаж
Создание Android-приложений
Создание iOS-приложений
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