Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Sushi Master Liberland. Meet in Dubai HOT DUBAI


Summer in January ordered? Well, shall we say so at 13-16?

Yes, yes, you probably already guessed, we are talking about Hot Dubai and we present you the official website of the event:

Warm sun, beaches with white sand, surroundings, charge – that’s what you need in the middle of winter, isn’t it?

Do you want already?
The number of seats is strictly limited and depends on the capacity of the hall. Therefore, if you plan to take part in this event, we recommend buying a participant ticket in advance.

Even if you are aiming to complete the Hot Dubai promotion and participate in the event at the expense of the company, you also need to purchase this ticket to book your seat. (After the promotion is completed, the company will refund its cost)

This is very important information, inform all your partners about it!

To purchase an admission ticket to the event, visit our Hot Dubai Lot page.
To do this, write to

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