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X100 - an investment in a payback business Sushi Master

Many people have free capital to work and pay dividends. It is worth taking a closer look at the project with an international chain of Japanese restaurants called Ch100, reviews about it can be found on various resources, including the so-called review sites. The visual part of the announced website and personal account does not raise doubts about professional training. The main specialization is a real sushi delivery business in an international chain with over 240 restaurants in 10 countries..

X100 activity overview

X100 CEO Alex Yanovsky started his business activities back in 2013. Over the past 4 years, the largest Japanese restaurant chain in the world has been created. The goal is to reach the number of 30,000 operating enterprises as soon as possible. To achieve the set tasks, a unique system was developed – a management franchise. The know-how of the program is that the investor, by investing, becomes the owner of the object and the partner of the holding.
Thanks to an excellent IT program, the investor can see all the results of work transparently and in real time. Having received the tools of 100% control, there are more and more people willing to take part in the investment program, as evidenced by the reviews of the X100. Indeed, depending on investments, restaurants can be registered with the investor.

Profit tools

The attraction of both small and large capital from outside allows X100 to significantly speed up the planned process. Some investment proposals, presented in the form of a lot system, imply not only passive income, but also personal active participation in an existing business.
To see all available X100 offers go to the “All Lots” section. There are 3 types of different investment instruments. The franchise tool is further divided into 2 subgroups. Activating one of their names will help to filter lots by their types. Subsequent clicking on the selected specific offer will allow you to see the full details of the lot.
Share of turnover. By purchasing lots of the group in question, the investor can count on passive income from 19% to 30% per annum. You can check the daily charges from already operating profitable restaurants in the “Partner’s Cabinet” section.
Option. After the IPO procedure, scheduled for 2022-2023, the shares of the holding will be issued. In other words, options provide the right to own X100 securities, which will increase in value over time.
Management franchise. Investing in a specific X100 restaurant gives you the opportunity to become its direct owner. At the same time, you do not need to bother with the nuances of management. This will be done by the managers of the Sushi Master company. The profit in this situation will be from 10% to 80% per year.
Classic franchise. After the acquisition (purchase) of the Unicorn Alliance brand, the initiator is given the right to use it when opening his own restaurant. In addition, Sushi Master managers provide full support to such an object. In this case, the expected return should vary from 10% to 80% per year. The person who made the purchase of the brand manages the business.

Affiliate program

X100’s extensive affiliate programs consist of 10 career statuses, complemented by 6 types of bonuses. To activate it, you need to activate a one-time package for $ 38. The section “Questions and Answers” provides clarifications to many questions that arise, which are qualified in the relevant topics. The project support service will always give qualified advice and answer the unanswered question..

Empowering Verification & Wallets

After registration, in order to fully participate in the project and gain access to all the capabilities of the X100 site, you must go through verification. In the “Profile” section in the corresponding tab, use the instructions provided. Fill in the rest of the tabs, and also connect the Telegram bot to receive all the information on time. In the menu of your personal account, the Knowledge Base tab will help you get acquainted with product presentations and get other useful information about the project.

1. The “Wallets” section contains 3 wallets.
2. 1. Main. Allows you to buy lots and withdraw funds to a bank card. The minimum withdrawal is 1000 rubles or $ 50.
3. 2. Starting. The only wallet that allows replenishment from a card. Used only for company purchases.
4. 3. Profitable. It is credited with income on purchased lots. Withdrawal from it is not possible, profit in the first days of the month is paid to the “Main”.

Reviews about X100

The site pages show a package of documents and various contracts governing the project. The company hosts many different events and many interesting events.

Presentations, briefings, training programs allow you to get acquainted with all the innovations and actions of the team. Reviews of the X100 show that all the efforts of the administration do not go unnoticed. Here, of course, there is something to think about.

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