Ukraine-Liberland Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Young Practitioners and Covid-19: The Virtual World of Arbitration

Event of the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry

November 18, 2020, online, free, language – English

Covid-19 has changed the arbitration experience and the role of young professionals in international arbitration. Join us for a discussion on how to stay sustainable; how to maximize individual and team participation; and how to ensure the realization of its development potential.

The impact of moving to a virtual workspace extends beyond the time spent in the virtual arbitration hearing room. This has influenced not only the experiences and expectations of young arbitrage practitioners in all areas of their work life, mental health and well-being; but it also required old dogs to learn new tricks in order to ensure the continued professional development of the next generation of practitioners.

The session is dedicated to all young practitioners in the region and will look at the collective experience from the perspective of young and older practitioners; explore ways to leverage the new dynamics of collaboration to maximize learning and development opportunities; and provide some practical steps that young practitioners can take to remain resilient on a personal and professional level.

  1. Issues related to multilateral and multilateral contracts and changes in ICC rules in 2021

19 November 2020, online, free, language – English

Since over 30% of ICC cases involve multiple parties and many times multiple contracts, the discussion will in particular feature case studies from disputes from various industries illustrating the challenges that the parties and the ICC Court have faced since the ICC, first among leading arbitration institutions, presented the provisions on accession and consolidation in 2012. Then the commission considered how the forthcoming amendments to these provisions could further facilitate multilateral arbitration and allow the parties to resolve all disputes in a single arbitration rather than in related parallel proceedings, thereby helping the parties to save time and costs. There will also be a brief introduction to other key amendments.

This event takes place during New York’s 2nd Annual Arbitration Week, which is now virtual. The variety of programs on offer throughout the week, including various networking sessions, will showcase New York as a leading global forum for international arbitration and a hub of thought leadership, and will be presented in a format designed to take advantage of the online experience.

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